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How Do Phone Cameras Work?

How Do Phones Work Image

I didn’t really understand how phone cameras work, so I thought I would investigate and answer the question, how do phone cameras work? Phone Camera Components Phone cameras are constructed from several components that all work together to enable us to take high-quality digital pictures. These components form the Image Processing Pipeline. The components consist … Read more

Best Phone Camera Techniques To Improve Your Phone Photography

Like many people I didn’t realize that my phone camera had some amazing advanced video and photography features that I never use. This articles explains some of these phone camera techniques to improve your phone photpgraphy. Best Phone Camera Techniques These are just some of the advanced camera features that are available in the latest … Read more

How To Blur The Background With Your Phone Camera

How To Blur The Background With Your Phone Camera Image

I was in the park messing around with my phone and thought about how to blur the background with your phone camera. One of the coolest techniques in photography is when you see pictures that have a sharp foreground with a blurred background, so I did some research to see if it was possible to … Read more