How Smartphones Are Leading The Way In AI Camera Tech

AI In Smartphone Image

AI (or Artificial Intelligence) is becoming increasingly popular, and even more so in smartphones as new technology develops to make use of it. The world we live in today seemingly has AI influence around every corner, and the latest AI in smartphones is taking cameras to a whole other level. AI is driving camera tech … Read more

Will The iPhone 13 Be Lucky For Apple?

Apple Store Image

It’s no secret that iPhone sales have been in decline in recent years. With competitors releasing flagship phone after flagship phone in a similar way to Apple has with their iPhones, competition is steep, and it isn’t getting any easier. After 2020, it became clear that people across the globe had less money to spend … Read more

How Wireless Charging Works

wireless charging image

Probably one of the most convenient developments in mobile tech in recent years; wireless charging is a great feature on any phone.  In fact, most people picking up a flagship phone today would expect to see wireless charging as a standard feature. So we all know it makes our lives easier, it’s a pretty impressive … Read more

Will Huawei Find Harmony With Its New OS?

Huawei Harmony OS Distribution Image

The ripples of Huawei’s ban from using American tech in 2019 are still being felt across the globe today. It was alleged that the the Chinese company, Huawei, had links with the Chinese government, and thus they were banned from using Android OS in the phones and other tech that they produce. Huawei have managed … Read more