Will Phone Cameras Replace DSLRs?

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A question i’m oftern asked is will phone cameras replace DSLRs, here are my thought on this subject. Over the last ten years plummeting sales show that lots of people have decided to give up their traditional digital cameras in favor of smartphones, but that simply isn’t realistic for professional photographers at this point. But … Read more

What Is An Instagram Story?

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In this guide, we will be answering the question: what is an Instagram Story? We will discover how to create an Instagram Story and diving into the benefits of creating Instagram Stories. Social media has taken the world by storm in recent years and has become so popular that it is even becoming one of … Read more

Best Gimbals For Phones

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Are you an avid videographer or someone who wants to take some nice, silky smooth videos? Look no further, we introduce the best gimbals for phones, which will help you cinema-like videos.  In A Hurry?If you don’t have time to read the whole article about the best gimbals for phones The winner is the DJI … Read more

This Cool Accessory Could Save You Money

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I have run out of fingers counting the number of times I have dropped my smartphone. The sleek shiny finish looks cool but it is not ideal for holding. Smartphone prices continue to rise and it’s at the point when a simple slip can cost you hundreds of dollars in repairs, or you could be … Read more

Why Are My Phone Photos Grainy?

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Phone cameras have several restrictions that we need to be aware of to get the best results. These restrictions are mainly due to the small size of the phone camera image sensor. To get the best quality images from our phone cameras, we need to learn how to work around these restrictions. Phone Photos Grainy … Read more

Why Does My Phone Get Hot?

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Does your phone constantly get hot? You could be wondering where the problem could be or how much hot is too hot. Whether using an Android or iOS device, find out why your phone keeps getting hot, how to troubleshoot the problem, and prevent the same from happening again. The question of why your phone … Read more

Google Pixel 3 Review

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The great thing about the Google Pixel 3 is you get what was once a high-end camera module and phone for a considerable discount, putting it into the budget range while still offering fantastic performance. Why Google Pixel 3 is the Best Budget Camera Phone: Single Camera 12.2Mp, 1/2.55-inch Sensor, 1.4µm pixels F/1.8 Aperture Lens Camera … Read more

Will Huawei Find Harmony With Its New OS?

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The ripples of Huawei’s ban from using American tech in 2019 are still being felt across the globe today. It was alleged that the the Chinese company, Huawei, had links with the Chinese government, and thus they were banned from using Android OS in the phones and other tech that they produce. Huawei have managed … Read more

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Release Date Nears

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Samsung’s latest flagship phone, the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is set to be released on January 29th 2021. With it’s release date just around the corner, understanding the new phone’s specifications, features, price, and differences to the previous flagship is vital to prospecive buyers. Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Specifications The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra comes … Read more