Why Does My Phone Get Hot?

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Does your phone constantly get hot? You could be wondering where the problem could be or how much hot is too hot. Whether using an Android or iOS device, find out why your phone keeps getting hot, how to troubleshoot the problem, and prevent the same from happening again. The question of why your phone … Read more

Find My Lost Phone

Lost Phone

I recently lost my Android phone and was able to find it, so I thought I would share how I used one of the services below to find my lost phone. Many of us will have experienced that sense of dread when we realize that we no longer have our phones on us. Scenarios play … Read more

Best Phone Camera Techniques To Improve Your Phone Photography

Like many people I didn’t realize that my phone camera had some amazing advanced video and photography features that I never use. This articles explains some of these phone camera techniques to improve your phone photpgraphy. Best Phone Camera Techniques These are just some of the advanced camera features that are available in the latest … Read more

Why Are Phones So Expensive?

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Full-screen displays, multiple cameras, foldable designs… Phones these days are becoming more and more powerful, yet their price levels are also hiking up. Today we answer the question, why are phones so expensive? Why Are Phones So Expensive? Rising Costs of Rare Earth Metals Tight Control of Rare Earth Exports From China Increasing Hardware Specifications … Read more