Astrophotography With A Phone

Milky Way Image

Did you realise you can create stunning astrophotography photos with your phone camera? In this article we look at astrophotography with a phone and then learn how to take amazing photos of the stars. Astrophotography is the ability to take compelling images of a field of stars on a clear or cloudy night. While in … Read more

Cloud Photo Storage

Cloud Photo Storage Image

Photographs and videos capture priceless memories or moments of inspiration. Cloud Photo Storage can help to protect these files and store them away safely. A folder on a laptop or external hard drive simply might not be enough. That is why many people now use cloud photo storage for their photos. There are pros and … Read more

How To Disinfect A Phone

How to Disinfect Phone Image

Since you can’t douse your phone with water and pump soap all over it, we are providing you a comprehensive guide with some different options to disinfect a phone safely. How To Disinfect A Phone Antibacterial Wipes Alcohol Spray Alcohol and Water Solution  Sanitizing Alcohol Pads Microfiber Cloth Phone Sterilizer Box Screen Protector  But First, … Read more

Macro Photography With A Phone

Macro Phone Photography

Macro photography is one of the most popular photo genres. Mastering the fine art of photographing the minute details of the world does take time. So, don’t think you can pick up your smartphone and take gallery-worthy shots. Like any beginner, you first have to hone your skills. You should first learn the tools of … Read more

Portrait Photography

portrait of man in old style clothes

Portrait photography is a satisfying genre for many photographers as it allows them to connect with a multitude of people across many different walks of life. As a smartphone portrait photographer, your journey of capturing frames could extend to photographing your friends, family, or even strangers on the street. Whatever the case, applying some simple … Read more

Will Phone Cameras Replace DSLRs?

Will Phone Cameras Replace DSLR's Image

A question i’m oftern asked is will phone cameras replace DSLRs, here are my thought on this subject. Over the last ten years plummeting sales show that lots of people have decided to give up their traditional digital cameras in favor of smartphones, but that simply isn’t realistic for professional photographers at this point. But … Read more