Best Portable Phone Projectors

In the past, a projector was an incredibly bulky device that certainly couldn’t be easily transported – but thanks to portable phone projectors they are now drastically reduced in size.

Excellent news if you need a portable phone projector that you can pop in your bag and take with you wherever you go. There are lots of options and it can be incredibly difficult to find a portable projector that is going to deliver quality, reliability, and value for money.

In this article, we will be exploring some of the very best portable phone projectors that are currently on the market, giving you the low-down on each of these.

Best Portable Phone Projectors

  • ELEPAH GC333 Portable Projector
  • Vamvo TG300 Pro Mini Projector
  • APEMAN Portable LCD Video Projector
  • Yaber 5500 Mini WiFi Projector
  • Yaufey Mini Projector

What Are Portable Phone Projectors?

A portable phone projector is a device that can transit the images on your phone screen to a larger surface, for example, a wall.

Unlike the more traditional and larger projectors that we see used in homes and offices, these portable alternatives are much smaller and easier to move around.

Why Do You Need Portable Phone Projectors?

There are several reasons to take advantage of a portable phone projector, the main being the ability to watch your favorite movies or TV shows wherever you are – this is especially useful if the TV is in use at home.

But many people also use these devices in the workplace as a way of quickly displaying information for colleagues to see.

But what about the trusty old laptop? These pieces of equipment are excellent and certainly have their advantages, but there are some benefits in opting for a projector over a more traditional type of screen.

  • If there isn’t room to use a laptop, TV screen or another type of monitor, a portable projector is a space-saving alternative. With the small size, they can be easily moved around and stored away when not in use.

  • The light from a projector is not transmitted in the same way as other screen types and this means that they are far less damaging to the eyes. It’s no secret that hours in front of a TV or computer screen every day and wreak havoc on your vision, with more and more people being prescribed glasses or lenses at much earlier stages in life as a result of this. A projector will lessen the strain and make for a more comfortable viewing experience.

  • Portable projectors make sharing your screen a lot more straightforward. Mobile phones are one of the most incredible and useful inventions of our time, but their compact screen does make it difficult when more than one person is trying to view. With a portable projector in your bag, you won’t ever have to face this problem again.

  • You may be concerned that a portable phone projector is going to set you back a handsome sum of money, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Many of the modern devices are very affordable, and thanks to the excellent quality we are seeing, they will stand the test of time as well.

What To Look For In Portable Phone Projectors

It is easy to purchase a projector without thinking. This is even more easily done thanks to online shopping – when you are in a rush and browsing for a product, you may be tempted to purchase the first item you see as a way of saving time.

But this could mean that you end up with a substandard product – if you don’t buy quality, you may end up buying twice!

That being said, if you arm yourself with the right knowledge, finding the right projector for you will become much easier. Let’s look at the main things you should consider when purchasing a portable phone projector.

  • Portable phone projectors come in two main types – long throw and short throw. The difference is essentially how close to the wall (or another projection surface) they must be positioned. A long throw projector needs to be placed further away and will give you a much bigger image. In contrast, a short-throw projector sits closer to the wall and shows a smaller image.

  • Similarly to the above, you should consider the screen size of the projector. For the most part, portable projectors will have a smaller screen size than their large, static counterparts, but you can still get a decent-sized screen. Choosing the right one for your needs will give you the best viewing experience.

  • Most portable phone projectors are battery-powered, so it is essential to think about the battery life of the product you are buying – there is very little point in buying a device that does not have the power to meet your demands.

  • Projectors, much like traditional screens come with a resolution – this refers to the number of pixels in each projection and determines how clear the picture will be. In days gone by, projectors tended to have very low resolution and the picture quality left a lot to be desired. However, the more modern models have some impressive HD capabilities, and you may be surprised at the clarity of the image you are getting.

  • Most projectors, portable or otherwise will have 3000 lumens or more – this demonstrates how bright the image will be. This is important because if the projector is not designed to function well in the type of light, you will be using it, you won’t be getting a very clear picture. For example, projectors whose lumens are over 3000 will display a bright image in various levels of lights, whereas those below this may be better for use in darker rooms.

  • Different portable phone projectors will connect to your device in different ways. The most common connection for this type of device is the 3.5mm jack – although if using an Apple device, you will need a converter. Alternatively, there are some projectors that have the ability to connect to the audio via BlueTooth.

  • Contrast ratio is a term you will likely hear when looking at portable phone projectors, and whilst it may sound complicated, it isn’t as scary as you might think. The contrast ratio will appear as a number like this – 3000:1, and this lets you know the contrast between the lightest and darkest tones that the projector is able to display. In this case, the lightest tone will be 3000 times brighter than the darkest. The larger the difference between the numbers, the better the contrast.

The Best Portable Phone Projectors

It isn’t difficult to see that portable phone projectors could be a useful addition to your technology arsenal. However, there are hundreds of products out there, and they are all claiming to be the best.

We have narrowed down the choices to some of the most superior portable phone projectors available.

ELEPAHS GC333 Portable Projector

Weighing just over 2lbs, this is the ideal portable phone projector for carrying around the day to day – it is super lightweight. But there are many more features that give this a very deserving place on this list.

The projector gives an incredibly clear picture thanks to the support of 1080P HD, which is impressive for a device of its size. Furthermore, the 4500 lumens mean that this is exceptionally bright, so no matter where you need to project or what the current light levels, there won’t be an issue with viewing the screen.

With a throw distance of between 1m and 4.5m, you’ve got the freedom of being able to use the device in a variety of rooms without the restriction of having to place the projector in a particular location.

The powerful internal LED lamp means that you will be getting an almost unlimited amount of hours runtime before having to replace – when we say unlimited, we mean 50,000 hours, but that’s still extremely impressive.

The phone is easily connected to the projector using an HDMI adapter. However, the one downside to this nifty little device is that this adapter is not included in the box, you will need to make an additional purchase, it’s not going to be an expensive one.

Main Features

  • 50,000 hours run time
  • Connect to phone with an HDMI adapter (not included)
  • Versatile throw distance
  • 4500 lumens for excellent brightness
  • 1080P viewing quality
  • Extremely lightweight

Vamvo TG300 Pro Mini Projector

If you want a projector that is as aesthetically pleasing as it is functional, then this has to be a serious contender.

The sleek white and copper design makes this one of the most outstanding, visually, on our list. What’s more, it is advertised as being ideal for kids thanks to its sturdy casing and easy to use features.

If you’ve got little ones, you will know the importance of being able to switch on at the drop of a hat. But, if you have two or more children, sharing a phone is rarely an option – that’s where a remarkable little projector like this could save the day.

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At just 0.36kg, this is a very lightweight piece of equipment, so you know that taking it out and about isn’t going to be an issue.

It has an adjustable projection size so no matter where the image is being projected, you can be sure that the whole thing will be seen. Moreover, 1080P HD quality means that the image won’t ever be compromised in terms of crispness and clarity.

The best feature about this portable phone projector is the number of ways it can be connected. Not only can this be easily paired with your phone but also your laptop, TV, games console and many other devices – it’s diverse if nothing else.

Main Features

  • 1080P viewing quality
  • Very lightweight and compact
  • Two-year warranty
  • Attractive design
  • Various connection options
  • Adjustable screen size

APEMAN Portable LCD Video Projector

Resembling an old fashioned radio, you could be forgiven for thinking that this wasn’t a modern device at all, but the unique design simply adds to its charm. The Apeman projector has a lot to offer in such a small package and you might be surprised at just how good this piece of equipment is for the price.

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Similarly to one of our previous offerings, this one comes with a powerful LED bulb that will give you up to 50,000 viewing hours before it needs replacing, so if anything, it’s undoubtedly low-maintenance.

We’re starting to expect that all of the best portable phone projectors offer a full HD experience and this is precisely what you are getting with this one and its 1080P capabilities.

This viewing experience is further improved with the addition of a protective casing which prevents dust or debris from entering into the device. In turn, this will prevent marks or spots appearing on the image, which can be very distracting when trying to focus on the picture.

It can be hooked up to a variety of devices, the TV and compatible TV sticks, PS4, laptop and of course, your smartphone, so you’re getting a wealth of options when it comes to useability. The device is just 1kg, so is great for taking out wherever you go.

The most notable thing about this projector, however, is the dual speakers that have exceptional sound quality. Their inclusion means that you will be getting an audio experience

comparable to your home surround sound system – perfect for watching your favourite movie!

Main Features

  • 1080P HD viewing
  • Dust guard for improved picture quality
  • Lightweight
  • 50,000 viewing hours
  • Dual speakers for surround sound experience

Yaber 5500 Mini WiFi Projector

Having the ability to connect to a device wirelessly is one of the huge perks of any piece of modern technology, and the portable phone projector is no exception. That is why we think the Yaber 5500 is a great bit of kit – but there are many other reasons for this too.

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For example, the 5500 lumens gives you an unrivalled brightness making this the ideal projector for those who will be using it in already bright spaces, and the viewing experience will never be compromised.

Furthermore, the addition of the zoom feature means you can choose from a very small screen all the way through to a 200” display that is perfect for movie night! Of course, no projector would be complete without an HD viewing experience, and you won’t be let down by the clear 1080P picture you will be getting with this model.

But one of the best things about purchasing this piece of equipment is that it comes with lifetime support, so if there is ever an issue, you can contact Yaber who will be happy to solve the problem.

Everything is remote controlled, which gives this projector another advantage for those looking for something for watching movies or TV since you can operate everything from the comfort of the sofa or chair.

But of course, if you have a gettogether at a friends house, taking the projector with you won’t be an issue thanks to its super-small 6cm design.

The contrast ratio is 5000:1, which gives you an excellent range of on-screen hues and one of the best viewing experiences on this entire list.

Main Features

  • Lightweight and compact design
  • WiFi connection
  • Varied connections to phone, laptop, Tv And more
  • 1080P HD viewing
  • Excellent contrast ratio
  • Full customer support

Yaufey Mini Projector

The Yaufey is slightly more pricey than some of the projectors that we have already explored, but it is of such high quality that leaving it out of the ‘best of’ list for portable phone projectors would be criminal.

Not only does it have a wealth of features that would be enough to sate even the most uptight projector critic but its sleek, black design makes it really stand out from the crown in terms of aesthetics.

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It comes with a handy little tripod which is just as lightweight as the device itself so you won’t be needing to carry a lot of extra bulky equipment around with you and overall the projector weighs just 0.28kg so you won’t even notice it in your bag.

It is WiFi compatible, making it very efficient and easy to use. It can be paired with any device that is also WiFi compatible, including your smartphone.

The contrast ratio is slightly less on this one at 2000:1 and whilst this may be a slight compromise, the 1080P HD more than makes up for it. What’s more, the adjustable screen size gives you the freedom to use the projector in various ways with a maximum screen size of 120” – that’s very impressive.

But what really sets this device apart from its competitors is its ability to prevent distorted images using the innovative technology of upward angling and vertical keystone which deliver the perfect image every time. GooDee 5500 Mini Projector

One of the first things that grab you attention when you look at the GooDee is the tremendous variation in throw distance that you are getting – your choices range between 1m

and 4.5m which gives you the flexibility to use the device in a variety of locations without worrying about placement.

The design of this projector is very attractive so even if you decide to leave it in one place for a lengthy period, it will fit in perfectly with any decor. That being said, the idea of a portable projector is that it can be moved and with the compact design and 2kg weight of the product, that won’t ever be an issue.

You are getting the 1280x720P HD quality that many modern portable phone projectors offer as well as the 5500 lumens that make the brightness of this one superior. Additionally, the screen size options are very generous with the ability to adjust the screen between 40” and 200” – no matter where you are or what your needs, this is a projector that will meet them.

The built-in speaker is one of the very best in terms of sound quality and clarity so whether you are playing games or watching a movie, you will get as impeccable sound as you would direct from a larger speaker.

Main Features

  • 5500 lumens
  • Adjustable screen size
  • Powerful built-in speaker
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Superior viewing quality with 1280x720P HD


A portable phone projector is a great accessory for any smartphone owner who needs to share their screen, whether this is for showing family and friends their holiday snaps, watching a movie or sharing spreadsheet and data in the office. These handy devices provide a way for you to have the advantage of a projector and the convenience of a portable device.

Whilst many people might be under the impression that their smaller size means that portable phone projectors are not as powerful as their larger cousins, this couldn’t be further from

the truth. Many of the modern models have just as good, if not better features than larger projectors, with HD resolution, excellent brightness and a variety of ways to connect.

It is little wonder that these pieces of equipment are fast becoming one of the go-to mobile phone accessories of the 21st century.

It is important. However, that when shopping for portable phone projectors, you look out for various factors that can determine the quality of the equipment you are buying. With these factors in mind, we have sourced some of the best portable phone chargers on the market, we love them and we know you will too.