Best Phone Tripods

In this guide, we are going to be looking at the best phone tripods, sourcing some of the very best products that are currently on the market.

One of the most incredible things about modern technology is the sheer amount of accessories that we are able to use with our devices, phone tripods being one of the best.

Back in the early days of smartphones, there weren’t very many options for phone tripods and as such, using your phone camera was nowhere near as flexible as it is today.

Fortunately, savvy inventors have tuned in to the needs of the modern smartphone user, and there is a piece of hardware to meet almost any need.

Phone tripods give you hands-free operation of the device for things such as taking photos, watching movies, and much more. However, it isn’t difficult to come across some extremely substandard products that will not serve you.

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Don’t have time to read through the whole article? – We have you covered: Here is our top selection of the best phone tripods:

Best Overall Phone Tripod: MPow Phone Tripod
Best Lightweight Phone Tripod: KobraTech Mobile Phone Tripod
Best Selfistick & Tripod: Saveyour Selfie Stick And Tripod

Best Phone Tripods

  • MPow Phone Tripod
  • Hitch Phone Tripod
  • Saveyour Selfie Stick And Tripod
  • KobraTech Mobile Phone Tripod
  • Lisen Phone Tripod Holder
  • Ring Light With Tripod Stand And Holder

What Is A Phone Tripod?

For the most part, a smartphone tripod will be used to aid the user in taking photographs. These devices feature three static legs and a holder for the phone. Some of the more advanced designs feature the ability to tilt and maneuver the phone so that different angles can be captured.

You have likely seen a much larger tripod design that is used with traditional cameras. Still, the call for a smaller version that is compatible with a smartphone is massive, since many people now use their devices for photography.

It’s little wonder when you consider how far the smartphone camera has come. We are now seeing phones with cameras that would rival even the best digital device – picture clarity is incredible, and the editing options are limitless.

Why Do I Need A Phone Tripod?

If you take a lot of photos or videos with your phone, then a tripod can be extremely useful for keeping the camera steady. This is especially true if you plan to make a vlog, since holding the camera yourself will result in bumpy unsteady footage.

Furthermore, taking group photographs on a timer is something that can benefit from the addition of a tripod. Let’s take a look at some other ways that using a tripod can help bring your photography to the next level.

  • Taking shots in low light is best done using a low shutter speed, and this is something that, when paired with a tripod, can produce incredible images. Your tripod will help you to remove any blurriness from the photo, giving you a much cleaner result.

  • Similarly to low light, if you wish to take a long exposure shot, this requires the shutter to stay open for longer – and this has to be while the camera is still, otherwise you end up with a blurry shot. Doing this by hand is possible but can be challenging. However, throw in a phone tripod, and you’ve got yourself an Instagram worth image.

  • Many smartphone cameras now have the ability to take panoramic photos, and these are excellent, but getting them just right when holding the camera in your hands can be tricky. The smooth, free movement of your phone tripod will give you a much clearer result.

  • To get the best zoomed image, especially on video, a remarkably steady hand is required. Mounting the camera on a tripod will reduce the need for this, and you are free to zoom in and out as you please without the worry of shaky footage.

Types Of Phone Tripod

When considering the best phone tripods the form and the style you choose will depend on your needs. In the main, there are three different types of phone tripod, and before you start searching for the best phone tripods, it is important to know the difference between these.

Traditional Tripods

As their name may suggest, this is a traditional design, much like the larger tripods that you will see, just on a much smaller scale. These tripods are collapsible thanks to the folding legs and have a mount on the top into which the smartphone slots.

There are many different styles of this type of tripod, such as wooden, plastic and metal. However, while you do get a good choice in terms of material, you will find that this type of tripod is often a lot pricier than others since it is much more versatile.

Tabletop Tripods

These tripods are the smallest option and are designed to sit on a tabletop or other surface. In some instances, tabletop tripods do not feature legs since their design means that they will sit upon a flat surface. Still, they can be a handy addition to your accessory collection if you will be seated at the table – for example, for creating videos.

Octopus Tripods

Much like their animal namesakes, octopus tripods feature legs that can wrap around things, and this makes them a lot more flexible than the traditional or tabletop tripod. I use these a lot myself as they offer a lot of flexibility and can be used in a wide range locations, these are definetely one of the best phone tripods to consider.

Wh at To Look For In A Phone Tripod

As we mentioned earlier, some products on the market do not meet the expectations of the avid smartphone cameraman (or woman). So, it is vital that before you commit to purchasing a model, you look at various factors.


Since you will be buying a phone tripod to take photos and videos with your device, one of the first things that you should consider is how sturdy the product is.

It is essential that the tripod will be durable and will not falter after a few uses. The material of the product will have an impact on its longevity. For example, carbon fibre is a very light and durable material which will likely last a lot longer than say, wood.

If you are buying in person, don’t be afraid to set the tripod up in-store and test its stability – the last thing you want is a tripod that doesn’t give you the sturdiness that you need.

How Are You Going To Use The Phone Tripod

Most people purchase phone tripods to aid them in their photography, but others might need something for creating a vlog. If this is the case, it pays to think about the type of tripod you will need – in other words, will a tabletop design be enough?

If so, this can often be a less expensive option and will sit neatly on your desk until you are ready to film the next instalment of your vlog. In contrast, if your vlog requires you to film on location, something more traditional may work better.

Furthermore, some people buy a phone tripod as a way of holding their phones whilst they watch movies – there’s no denying that having the phone in your hand can get tiring, especially if you watch a lot of media. For this reason, you may find that an octopus tripod works well as you can place it anywhere.

Is It Compatible?

In the main, the best phone tripods are fully adjustable and will work with any model of smartphone. That being said, there are a few that have been specifically designed to work with one type of phone, and so you must check the compatibility with your device before you part with your hard-earned cash.

Is it Remote Controlled?

For the best, and most effortless experience, some tripods can be operated using a remote control which connects wirelessly to the device.

Again, it is important to check whether the remote will work with your device, and for the most part, you will find that it will.

Moreover, if you think that a remote-controlled model is not right for you, there is the option to buy a manual version.

Weight And Foldability

Some traditional tripods can be quite heavy, the material that they are made from will determine this, but if you are planning to use the device whilst out and about, it is important to find one which is lightweight and easy to transport.

Most models come with a handy travel case and foldable legs which can make them a lot easier to take from place to place.


Most modern phone tripods can twist and turn in various directions, but there may be some cheaper products that don’t have this capability. If you are looking to get the most out of your tripod, being able to tilt, twist and rotate it is essential.

Always be sure to check how the tripod moves and whether this will meet your needs.


For some people, a higher tripod is needed – for this most part, this is an issue with traditional models since the octopus design can be wrapped around anything, giving you the freedom to place it as high or low as you need.

Traditional tripods are often adjustable so that you can alter the height. However, the maximum height should be taken into account, especially if you require shots at a certain level.


In the same way that you would consider buying any product, setting a budget for your phone tripod is a wise idea. you can pickup one of the best phone tripods for a low outlay.

There are some very budget-friendly options as well as some more high-end products, and it is worth considering how you will use the tripod when setting your budget.

If you want a tripod to simply hold your phone while you watch videos, you could get away with buying something a little less expensive. On the other hand, those who will need a more heavy-duty tripod for hours of shooting, setting a higher budget can ensure that you will get a product that will meet your demanding needs.

The Best Phone Tripods

Once you have determined how you will use your phone tripod and what features it will need to have, you are ready to start shopping.

There are thousands of products out there, but we have sourced some of the very best phone tripods currently available. So, whatever your needs, we are sure there will be one for you.

Manfrotto Pixi EVO

My favorite mini tripod which I take everywhere. It’s small enough to fit in a jacket pocked or small bag but it is big on strength and quality. One of the features I love about this beautifully made mini tripod is that it can be used a tripod, or the legs can fold together to create a comfortable handle for taking video on the move. It’s the perfect mini travel tripod and I’ve used mine for over two years without any issues to report.

The Pixi has a swivel ball head with 90 degrees of swivel and is stong enough to support over 5lb in weight, so if you also want to use it with a compact or DSLR camera you can. This tripod is highly recommended and comes with the globally well known Manfrotto name.

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MPow Phone Tripod

One of the first things that stands out about this tripod is its 360º rotation which makes it great for shooting panoramic images and videos from a fixed point. With its extremely budget-friendly price, this is an excellent product that is available to everyone.

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It also boasts a BlueTooth shutter, so you don’t need to worry about setting timers. What’s more, it’s compatible with most of the primary devices including iPhone, Samsung, Motorola and even Go-Pro cameras. It is worth bearing in mind, however, that the BlueTooth remote works with smartphones only.

Its flexible legs mean that it can be moved into the optimal position for the perfect image every time.

If you’re looking for something that will stand the test of time, you’d be hard-pushed to find anything quite as superior as this. This is one of the best phone tripods as it is made from aluminium and high-quality silicone which ensures that the product is durable.

Hitch Phone Tripod

If you are looking for something that is lightweight and easy to transport, then this is one of the best traditional style tripods, it weight is a consideration this could be a great choice. choice. Made from aluminium, this is incredibly light, and it comes with a handy travel case for when you are on the go.

Hitch Phone Tripod

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The tripod stands at 130cm, so you’re getting a good range on the height which is essential in being able to shoot a range of shots. That being said, if you needed something a little more compact, there are smaller versions of this product.

It has super sturdy rubber feet which mean that the tripod will never waiver when put into position and the traditional design is perfect for anyone who needs a static camera angle.

This one works with all the big names in the smartphone industry such as iPhone, Huawei, Samsung and many more. Plus it features a handy BlueTooth remote for easy use.

Saveyour Selfie Stick And Tripod

The selfie stick is a crucial tool for getting a great selfie or group image, and when you’re out and about on holiday, at a party or on a day trip, these can be much easier to take with you. If you need the versatility that a combined tripod and selfie stick can offer then this is a great product. Th

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The tripod legs fold inwards giving you the option to use it in any way. The product is compatible with a large variety of phones, including all the big names. Furthermore, the tripod is made from lightweight aluminium which adds to how easy this one is to take with you on your adventures.

The holder rotates 180º and the head 360º so you have an excellent range of movement and this makes it a very versatile product. It can handle up to 5kg in weight which far exceeds the weight of even the largest smartphones.

KobraTech Mobile Phone Tripod

The Kobratech tripod is compatible with a great range of smartphones, so no matter whether you are a loyal Apple customer or a Huawei fan, you can feel confident that this product will work with your device.

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The tripod has three fully flexible legs which give you the freedom to place it wherever you need, without constraint. What’s more, it features a recently upgraded stainless steel ball joint that is superior when it comes to tilting and moving the tripod.

The durable materials also mean that this is a product that will stand up to the challenge. It has a super-strong yet gentle grip which allows you to feel confident that your phone will not become damaged or fall out of the mount.

The tripod comes with a handy BlueTooth remote which makes taking a shot more straightforward than ever and you can use the device wherever you go.

This is thanks to the portable design and foldable legs. The compact size of the tripod means that it can easily fit into your bag, leaving you ready to shoot at a moment’s notice.

Lisen Phone Tripod Holder

This is a superbly compact tripod that is ideal for anyone who needs to be able to take it out and about without being weighed down. It is an octopus tripod meaning that it is extremely flexible in where it can be placed. This makes it even more suitable for outdoor use where there may not always be a flat surface upon which to place it.

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What makes this product even more versatile is that it works with almost every type of smartphone on the market and is also compatible with various digital cameras – no matter how you like to take your snaps, it will work with you.

The mount is designed to keep your device super safe and snug whilst it sits inside, something that is incredibly important when you are placing such an expensive piece of equipment in the tripod.

The legs are densely padded with foam which is great, once again, for use outdoors. You can feel confident that the tripod is ready to stand up to whatever you decide to throw at it.

The remote shutter works at a range of up to 10 metres, so not only does this make operating the camera a lot simpler, but it also means you aren’t limited in terms of where you want to take it.

Ring Light With Tripod Stand And Holder

For the selfie and group photo enthusiast, lighting could not be more important, and this tripod offers the best of everything.

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The tripod itself reaches up to a height of 150cm, although it is fully adjustable, so you’re getting a great range of options in terms of filming level. What’s more, it has an extra-wide mount which can be used with a range of smartphones and cameras.

Great for those who want to film beauty and make-up videos, the 12-inch ring light that is included with the tripod gives you some excellent lighting options.

The light has three color modes and ten brightness levels; it’s certainly a diverse piece of equipment. Furthermore, there is the option to power the light using the included USB cable, so you never need to worry about power, and the low 5v input won’t waste energy and is 100% safe. Befinetely one of the best phone tripods for indoor photography.

Once you have finished recording, the tripod neatly folds away for easy storage or can be quickly transported – perfect for the on-the-go vlogger!


Smartphone cameras have certainly come a long way in the last few years, and many devices now feature multiple cameras that give you images that can easily rival the best cameras on the market.

With this in mind, the need for hardware that will complement these advanced cameras has grown significantly, and phone tripods are becoming more and more in demand.

There are many of these types of devices, and the style you need will heavily rely on the way that you intend to use it.

This means that when you are shopping for one of the best phone tripods, there are certain things you should consider. This might include the height that the tripod can reach, the material it is made from and whether it includes a remote control.

We have searched the internet for what we believe to be some of the best phone tripods available and with such a diverse range, all you need to do is choose the best one for you!