Best Cache Cleaner For Android Phones

In this detailed guide, we are going to be looking at the importance of cleaning your cache and identifying the very best cache cleaner for Android phones that will get your phone working to its very best.

Many people are not aware of the importance of clearing their cache – some people don’t even know that they have a cache.

But this maintenance task is essential for the health of your phone’s performance, and it is important to install a cache cleaner that will make the job easier for you.

What Is A Cache Cleaner?

One of the great benefits of modern smartphones is that you have the ability to very easily tidy up the storage and installed apps, but a cache cleaner can make this task even more straightforward.

The cache is essentially a backlog of data that has been gathered from various apps and websites that you have visited.

Over time, this cache can become overloaded, and this can slow your phone down. Before we begin our analysis of the best cache cleaner for Android phones, let’s look at understanding what a cache is and why you need one.

Why Do I Need A Cache?

Imagine that you are visiting a website for the first time – it may be slow to load and it certainly won’t have any of your data.

However, as you browse the website, your cache will store various details. This temporary data is stored on your phone, and when you return to this website, a cached copy will be loaded as opposed to calling the website from the server again.

This is great in some aspects and will mean that the website (or app) will load more quickly.

However, whilst your cache can mean that websites load faster, overloading it can cause your browsing experience to be dramatically hindered.

Think about it like a horse carrying goods – this can make it much easier for a person to move things from one place to another. But, if the horse is asked to carry too much, it may become exhausted and work much more slowly, until it is barely able to perform at all—your cache functions in a similar way.

There are some people who would argue that clearing the cache defeats its purpose in the first place, but understanding the importance of this bit of phone maintenance can make it easier to wrap your head around.

Benefits Of Clearing The Cache

Primarily, clearing the cache will mean that your phone’s performance is much improved. You will likely notice that it operates at a much faster speed and that things generally run a lot more smoothly.

Furthermore, if your phone is loading a cached version of the webpage or app, any changes that have been made since your first visit may not be correctly displayed – if they are displayed at all.

Clearing the cache means that you will be viewing the most up to date version of that app or website.

Whilst you are likely the primary user of your phone, having an uncleared cache does mean that your personal information or login details to various websites could be stored.

If your phone happens to fall into the wrong hands, this could pose a security threat, but if you stay on top of keeping the cache cleared, this risk is vastly lessened.

The Difference Between Cache And Data

You will notice that many Android users talk about clearing their data and well as clearing their cache – this can be a point of confusion for many people, but the difference is quite clear.

Clearing the cache will eliminate any temporary data which can be easily reloaded and restored when you visit an app or website next time. In contrast, removing the data will erase everything, and in the case of an Android app, it will be much like using the app from new again.

When you clear the cache, this is more of a maintenance task whereas removing your data is a total overhaul.

When Should You Clear The Cache On An Android Phone?

There are those who clear the cache on their Android devices every day – but this might be taking it a little far. It is important to find a happy medium, and many of the cache clearing apps will allow you to do this.

If you get into the habit of going through this process on a daily basis, there is little point in the cache existing. Still, if you neglect the job altogether, you may notice a dramatic reduction in your phone’s performance.

I’ve Heard That Cleaner Apps Can Be Dangerous.

There are, unfortunately, some cleaner apps out there that are not as secure as the Android user would like, so it is crucial that when you look for one of these apps, you find one that can offer an adequate level of security.

Additionally, some users may be concerned that these apps are taking up even more of their phones’ precious storage, and this isn’t surprising since some of the larger apps can be incredibly bulky. However, many excellent cache cleaners will not eat up vast amounts of storage on your device.

Of course, there is the option to clear the cache using the functions that are already installed on the device, but there are many benefits to finding the best cache cleaner for Android phones.

Benefits Of Using A Cache Cleaning App

We have touched on the benefits of clearing the cache, but how will an app make this process even more simple?

First and foremost, these apps will run in the background, and you can set them to your preference. After this, many of these cache clearing apps can be left alone. This saves you the hassle of having to complete the process manually, which, in the modern, busy lifestyle is essential.

What’s more, a lot of these apps are known for saving your battery. It’s no secret that heavy smartphone use can quickly drain your battery, but with a cache cleaning app running in the background, any unnecessary data that is using up your power will no longer be an issue.

Unlike searching through the phone yourself, a cache cleaning app can get into the depths of the storage and locate files that are no longer being used and eradicate them. You are installing something that might almost act as the internal eyes of your device.

Many of the newer Android devices have built-in apps that will perform many of the tasks that a cache cleaner can do, but for older models, these apps are essential. Furthermore, even with newer models, it can’t hurt to have that extra layer of assistance.

Some of the best cache cleaners for Android not only tackle the issue of an overloaded cache but also boast a variety of other features that can give your phone a little bit of an extra boost.

For example, many will look at how you use your storage and give you detailed feedback on unused apps, plus the option to delete these. Others will help you to manage your files and photos, so it isn’t difficult to see why these apps are an essential component of any Android phone.

Best Cache Cleaner For Android Phones

As we mentioned, some cache cleaners should be avoided at all costs, and these may do more harm than good to your phone. But there are some great companies out there that have created the best cache cleaner for Android phones, so let’s take a look at some of our favorites.

SD Maid

A lot of Android experts are raving about SD Maid right now, yet it doesn’t have anywhere near as many downloads as it deserves – this is a real hidden gem and well worth considering if you are looking for something that doesn’t leave out any details.

One of the things that the cleaner is well-known for is its superior ability to locate and remove junk files which can seriously slow your phone down if they go unnoticed.

But aside from this, there are many other excellent features that give you the opportunity to give your phone a total clearout. If it’s been a while since you have cleaned the cache, or have never done it at all, this might be the best option for you.

You can locate duplicate files, those that remain after an app has been uninstalled as well as clearing cached files. But the app doesn’t stop there; it has a lot more to offer.

Most notably, this is an app that goes beyond cache cleaning and can be indispensable where smartphone maintenance is concerned. This is thanks, in part, to the detailed analytics of your phone’s storage, giving you an insight into anything that may be clogging it up.

Additionally, there is a handy scheduling tool which you can set to complete scans and clear the cache at predetermined intervals. This is saving you the hassle of having to do it all manual, and with the addition of user-friendly and straightforward widgets, the entire process is made even more simple.

Main Features

  • Automatic scheduling
  • Cache cleaner
  • Source and delete unused files
  • Storage analytics

Norton Clean

If there is any name that you can trust when it comes to phone software – or any software, for that matter, it’s Norton, and their cache cleaning app is second to none. Many consider this to be the best cache cleaner for Android phones as Norton is a well-known name in online security.

One of the most critical features in any cleaner app like this is that user security is paramount, and this one leaves nothing out. You can use the app in confidence, knowing that your data is 100% protected.

The app is very effective at clearing the cache and with more than 5 million downloads, you know that it must do what it claims to. In addition to the cache clearing function, the Norton app allows you to remove any apps that are pre-installed on the device, freeing up more of that precious storage space.

This cleaner will search your device for any unused files and get rid of these for you but what is most impressive is that you are given the option to tackle one app at a time – although you can do a mass clear out if you prefer.

This means that if there are some apps on your phone whose cache you don’t want clearing, you can leave these alone and focus on the ones that do need your attention.

Main Features

  • Clear individual apps
  • Perform in-depth searches of the phone
  • 100% secure
  • A name you can trust
  • Remove pre-installed apps

Ace Cleaner

If you are new to the world of cache cleaning apps for Android, then you likely won’t want a complex and detailed app that leads to nothing but confusion. One of the main concerns for new users of this type of software is that they are scared that the app will cause more harm than good.

However, the simple UI and easy use of Ace Cleaner makes it a favourite among those who are new to the concept.

We are all guilty of taking hundreds of photos with our smartphones, and it isn’t long before you end with many duplicates. But Ace Cleaner has an in-built photo scanner that can clear up your photo albums quickly and efficiently.

What’s more, it has a wealth of features that make keeping your phone clean and organized a dream. Take the battery saver function, for example, which will optimize your battery life or the notification muter for a more quiet phone experience.

In short, this is a very easy to use cache cleaner that boasts a ridiculous amount of features and is a contender for the best cache cleaner for Android phones

Main Features

  • Battery saver
  • Cache cleaner
  • Mute notifications
  • Clean UI
  • Organise your photo albums

Avast Clean Up And Boost

Another very reputable name in the mobile software industry is Avast, and their cleaner app is definitely one worth considering thanks to the array of features and ease of use.

Much like our previous offering, the Avast cleaner provides you with the ability to sort out your photos and remove any duplicates but also alter the size of the images as an additional way of saving space. It is worth noting, however, that this feature does require you to purchase the paid version.

Furthermore, the cleaner offers you the option to hibernate any apps that aren’t frequently in use which is excellent if you don’t want to uninstall if the app has the potential to become useful to you again in the near future.

Much like the Norton app, you can feel confident that Avast will not compromise your personal data, and this is one of the safest apps on the market in this category.

There is also the option to integrate your cloud storage, so it isn’t only your phone that will get the once over.

Main Features

  • Cloud storage
  • Cache cleaner
  • Photo organising
  • Excellent security

Google Files

If there was ever a name you could trust, it’s Google – after all, who is going to know your phone’s operating system better than the people who created it?

The files app is designed to clean up the phone and manage your files offline – it’s quick, it’s convenient, and it’s effortless to use.

This is a very smart app that gives you a gentle reminder to delete obsolete files, particularly when space is getting limited. This is a handy feature to have as you won’t ever run out of room, but you won’t need to spend time each day looking over your storage.

Main Features

  • Let’s you know when you’re running out of space
  • File manager
  • Cache cleaner

CC Cleaner

This is, undoubtedly one of the best cache cleaner apps out there and has been serving Android users for many years. It is trustworthy, easy to use and boasts a heap of features that will boost your phone like no other app could.

You will be able to mass uninstall apps that you no longer use, which is a real time saver as doing this one by one can take a long time. Furthermore, clearing the phone’s RAM has never been more simple.

If you like to stay in the know where your storage consumption is concerned, this is an excellent option since it features a handy storage analytics tool that shows you exactly how and where you are using it up.

But unlike many of the other apps in this category, CC Cleaner allows you to monitor much more, including the temperature of the device and how much memory each individual app is using up.

There were some issues with privacy in the early days of the app, but this issue has been addressed and amended by the developers, and the app is now entirely safe to use, it will not share your personal data.

Our recommendation as the best cache cleaner for Android phones.

Main Features

  • Safe and secure
  • Information on the memory used by apps
  • Clear RAM
  • Cache cleaner
  • Storage analytics


We mentioned earlier that some cache cleaners for Android are not ideal when it comes to conserving memory and space on your device – which kind of defeats the object of these apps. Bulky cleaners are entirely useless, but GoSpeed claims to be one of the most lightweight available.

This is an app that also says it will be up to 50% more effective than other apps, but whether this is true or not is debatable. But that isn’t to say that this isn’t an excellent cache cleaner.

You’re getting super clean background activity as well as the ability to shut off apps that are running in the background that you didn’t know about. If you want something that is going to do a hard search of your phone without using up your space, this is an app well worth downloading.

What’s more, it will source and eliminate pre-installed apps which, if left ignored, can drastically reduce the performance of the device.

The extremely clean UI is also easy on the eye and very simple to navigate. Many cleaner apps feature a cluttered UI that quickly confuses even the most savvy cache cleaning expert, but this one has definitely tackled this problem.

Main Features

  • Removes pre-installed apps
  • Clear user-interface
  • 50% faster than other cleaners
  • Cache cleaner
  • Shuts down sneaky apps


Android phones are one of the most well-loved smartphones on the planet, thanks to their easy customisation, a multitude of features and various handy apps. However, with all of these capabilities and internet browsing, the cache can quickly fill up with temporary data.

Whilst this is what the cache is designed to do, overloading it can cause the device to run at a much slower pace, and this can ruin your browsing experience.

Thankfully, there are many cache cleaner apps that offer Android users the chance to boost their phone and improve its performance. Many of these apps also offer other useful features for even better improvement.

However, there are some cache cleaners for Android that have earned themselves a bad reputation for stealing your data and sharing this with third parties.

Other apps are so bulky that they take up a lot of space on your device, defeating their own purpose. For these reasons, it is vital that, when looking for an app like this, you use trusted names and cleaners that have earned their good reputations.

Our list of the best cache cleaners for Android is an excellent place to begin your search, and with various features, easy to understand UIs and minimal use of your storage, these cleaner apps could give you phone the boost it needs.