Astrophotography With A Phone

Milky Way Image

Did you realise you can create stunning astrophotography photos with your phone camera? In this article we look at astrophotography with a phone and then learn how to take amazing photos of the stars. Astrophotography is the ability to take compelling images of a field of stars on a clear or cloudy night. While in … Read more

Cloud Photo Storage

Cloud Photo Storage Image

Photographs and videos capture priceless memories or moments of inspiration. Cloud Photo Storage can help to protect these files and store them away safely. A folder on a laptop or external hard drive simply might not be enough. That is why many people now use cloud photo storage for their photos. There are pros and … Read more

Apple iPhone XS and Apple iPhone XS Max Camera Comparison

iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max Image

Brand loyalty can get quite extreme when it comes to our mobile devices. Those of us that start with Apple devices and iOS systems quite often continue with them. There are enough incentives and upgrades to follow the evolution of the iPhone – even if some people may question the extent of that evolution and … Read more

How Smartphones Are Leading The Way In AI Camera Tech

AI In Smartphone Image

AI (or Artificial Intelligence) is becoming increasingly popular, and even more so in smartphones as new technology develops to make use of it. The world we live in today seemingly has AI influence around every corner, and the latest AI in smartphones is taking cameras to a whole other level. AI is driving camera tech … Read more

Best Low Light Camera Phone

Best Low Light Phone Cameras

To start with we have to ask the question; which is the best low light camera phone? To begin, we narrowed down the results based on extensive research. We looked at a variety of criteria such as the camera specs, operating system, RAM, chipset, processor, pixel density, camera features, image resolution, sensor, aperture, autofocus modes, … Read more

Best Camera Phone 2021

Which Camera Phone Is Best Image

With so many different phone cameras from multiple manufacturers, how do you decipher which is the best camera phone 2021? Looking at my earlier article, ‘Best Low Light Low Phone Camera, some of my findings here are in some ways similar; however, I wanted to go a step further and look into the specifications of … Read more

Best Portable Phone Projectors

Best Portable Phone Printers Image

In the past, a projector was an incredibly bulky device that certainly couldn’t be easily transported – but thanks to portable phone projectors they are now drastically reduced in size. Excellent news if you need a portable phone projector that you can pop in your bag and take with you wherever you go. There are … Read more